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Monday 3:30-4:30 Rm. 202
Functional Strategies for Reading and Spelling Multi-Syllable Words
When students don’t have strategies for reading larger words, they often guess, skip or misread them. Come learn a practical, “lose the rules” approach that teaches students how to use functional strategies and manipulatives to break words into decodable chunks. The technique is explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory. This method of instruction can even be used in kindergarten to help students read words such as batman, sunset, and picnic, and upper grades to help students read transcontinental, embellishment, and Madagascar.

Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Rm. 203
Diagnosing Decoding Issues in Students of all Ages
Learn about informal surveys that assess decoding strengths and weaknesses quickly and accurately. The surveys pinpoint specific decoding difficulties in just minutes and explain why a student makes errors when reading. These surveys are used by schools across the country, and many teachers say they are the best assessment tool they have. In this workshop, you will learn to administer and score the surveys and see how they are used to group students in grades 1-12 for reading instruction. Participants will walk away with a complimentary set of informal decoding assessments that can be used with an unlimited number of students.
Applicable to Primary/intermediate/Middle/High school/College/Adult Ed./Support/Reading Specialists/Literacy coaches
Strand – Diverse Learners/Early childhood


Danny and Kim Adlerman

from Tuesday 3:30-4:30

to Monday 11:10-12:10, Room 105

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